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Study Shows Long, Frequent Deployments Hurt Military Marriages

A study recently published in USA Today proves that long, frequent deployments can hurt military marriages. In fact, military members that were sent to Iraq or Afghanistan for extended amounts of time often saw their marriages crumble while they were abroad.

To arrive at this conclusion, the RAND Corp. interviewed more than 460,000 service members between the years 1999 and 2008 and discovered that the specter of divorce increased with each passing month that a spouse was away.

RAND reports that a key factor in these divorces was the surprise of an unexpectedly long and arduous deployment. Some couples assumed that their marriage would be blissful and easy, and were absolutely shocked to discover that their new spouse was going to go off to war. The lengths, conditions, and risks of the deployment were all factors which shocked couples and damaged their original ideals of the marriage.

Interestingly enough, nearly one in every seven military marriages formed prior to September 11 failed. This is because the terror attacks brought on a new element of combat for military members, and many were sent overseas at this time. Couples who married before September 11th didn't know that there would be an increase in deployments.

Those married after still struggled in their marriages, but some married with the expectation of a deployment and were not as shocked. Still, one in eight post-9/11 marriages did fail. Researchers also learned that there is an increased risk of divorce where deployment is more dangerous and where the married service member is a woman.

When combat tour is a factor, female military members face a 50% chance of seeing their marriage fail during the first five years, the study shows. If you are currently in a military marriage but are considering a divorce, you will want an attorney specifically qualified to work on military divorces to help you with your case. Contact a California military divorce lawyer at Cutter & Lax today if you want more information!

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