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No Longer Partners but Always a Team: Encouragements for Co-Parents

Making it through a divorce in one piece may seem like something to celebrate about but the reality is that there is nothing easy about splitting a family in two. Repeated studies affirm the obvious ...
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Service of Process in Military Divorces

When you file for divorce are the spouse of a military member or are a military member yourself, your case will be processed differently than a civilian divorce would be. This is because military ...
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Spousal Maintenance and Child Support in Military Divorces

If you are a military service member and you are currently going through a divorce, then you will not have to go through the same processes as civilians when it comes to spousal maintenance and child ...
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Alimony Payments and Your Military Divorce

Over the past decade, studies have shown that military divorces have been on a steady decline, though over the past few years these numbers are somewhat leveling off. Whether or not the number is no ...
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Custody and Parenting Plans

Raising a family is difficult as it is, and when one spouse is away serving in the military it can reach a whole new level of complicating. While some spouses are able to roll with the punches of the ...
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How the Service Member Civil Relief Act Affects Military Divorce

In 2003, President George Bush created an act that entitles active duty members to a delay of divorce while protecting the United States during a time of war. Essentially, this act allows soldiers who ...
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Domestic Violence Issues with Military Spouses

If you are a victim of domestic violence and your spouse serves in the military, then you need to take action right away. In most cases, violent spouses won’t attempt to amend their behavior ...
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Are Free Military Lawyers Enough?

If you are a military member or a military spouse and are considering a divorce, then you are probably aware of the fact that you are entitled to free legal services provided by the Judge Advocate ...
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About Base Housing After Divorce

As a military spouse, chances are that you and your husband or wife live together on a military base. When a couple chooses to divorce but the both live on the base, it seems necessary that one spouse ...
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Welcome to Our Military Divorce Blog!

At Cutter & Lax, we proudly blend our military and legal experience to help represent military members and their spouses with all aspects of family law. One of our founding attorneys, Nelson ...
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