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When children are born out of wedlock, the child's parental relationship with their father may come into question. For both mothers and fathers, this experience can be a frustrating and unwelcome legal process. Although there is a potential for turbulence during paternity proceedings, resolving these matters as soon as possible should be the main priority for any parent who wants their child to be supported and taken care of. At Cutter & Lax, Attorneys at Law, our legal team of experienced family law attorneys is prepared to guide both military mothers and fathers through the paternity legal process.

California Paternity Law

Unmarried mothers and fathers can initiate paternity proceedings by filing a complaint to establish parental relations. This legal action will allow parents to sort out their rights and obligations to a child and to determine parenting plans, child custody and child support, visitation rights and other family law matters and arrangements. In order to establish parental relationships, men can submit to paternity DNA tests to prove that they are the father.

Representing mothers during this process requires an extensive knowledge of family law and paternity law procedures and clear and honest communication. Our firm makes close working relationships a priority, and we work to keep mothers well informed of what they can expect during legal proceedings. If fathers, be they in the military or not, dispute paternity of the child, our firm may be able to obtain temporary child support until conclusive DNA tests are conducted. We can also provide assistance in any additional matters, including the securing of child custody.

As objective legal professionals who simply want to resolve family law matters for military families and children, our legal team can also provide our assistance to fathers who wish to exercise their rights as a parent. We recognize and value the importance of family relationships and can guide fathers through the steps needed to establish paternity. Once you have been recognized as the father, we can use our experience and legal skills to pursue any additional goals you may have, including child custody. If you are challenging claims of paternity to a child and DNA tests prove that you are not the father, we may also be able to recover any temporary child support you paid prior to a final determination by a court.

Work with California Military Family Lawyers You Can Trust

Paternity legal proceedings, just as with any family law and divorce matter, can be a source of emotional and legal frustration. The most important thing to consider during these proceedings, however, is the well-being of the child. Focused on providing our full support and legal assistance to military families, our team of California military divorce attorneys is prepared to help mothers and fathers resolve their unique paternity case as smoothly and favorably as possible. Contact Cutter & Lax, Attorneys at Law to discuss your case.

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