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If you are facing a family law complication, you may be feeling the pressure of solving the issue quickly. Family law cases can be draining for all parties involved. Stress can run high and emotions may run wild. At Cutter & Lax we understand that it is important to you to swiftly settle your case; which is why we make an individualized approach to each client that we take on. If you are looking to proceed with a divorce to an active duty spouse, the divorce proceedings will be slightly different than a civilian case - which is why it is so important that you work with an experienced and dedicated attorney.

Being married to an active duty Guardian can be a daunting task in itself. If your spouse is stationed on a cutter, they may be at sea for months at a time. Air Station personnel spend long hours on the job and every duty rotation can become a chore for the spouse left behind. Spouses will often relocate a few times every few years and the process of moving can take its toll. If you are looking to divorce from an active duty Coast Guard member, it is important that you leave nothing to chance. With so much at stake, you need to trust Cutter & Lax.

Semper Paratus - Always Ready to Serve You

The Coast Guard motto: Semper Paratus. It means always ready - which is exactly how our firm will stand in serving your case. We will always be ready to serve you and provide you with outstanding legal representation for you and your family law matter. Our firm has exponential experience in military divorces, child support and custody cases, spousal support and achieving modifications to your divorce decree if you need to relocate.

Cutter & Lax proudly provides representation to most of the Coast Guard Eleventh District stations and cutters, including Air Station Los Angeles, Sector Los Angeles/Long Beach, Station Channel Islands, Station Morro Bay and Sector San Diego. Contact our firm today to receive a free case evaluation.

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