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Cutter & Lax represents Army personnel in divorce, child support and custody issues, visitation, spousal support, and even annulment proceedings as needed, at various Army bases in California. We recognize how to contend with a number of concerns in this field and can direct the outcome of your family law situation towards a goal that will ultimately work out the best for our clients. We are aware this is a difficult and stressful situation facing you and your loved ones and will fight to protect your interests and work towards a successful case resolution. With the assistance of Cutter & Lax, military divorce lawyers, we hope to make a constructive impact in your life as well as the lives of your children.

Facts on Filing for Divorce in the Navy

The military require a special knowledge of the laws applicable to divorce as it is not the same as civilian law. Did you know that federal legislation entitles active members of the armed forces to delay a divorce? Military pensions, just like their civilian counterparts, can be divided in the event of divorce. However, they are subject to different rules and regulations. Alimony and child support are also a matter for special rules.

Due to regulations governing active or retired members of the military, calculating income and collecting support can be much more complicated. Knowledge of the definition of "disposable retirement income," for example, is vital in determining support orders if dealing with retired military personnel. Federal laws may also come into play, should a case end up in court. Strategy and planning are therefore vital in such cases. Having a complete understanding of the special rules pertaining to military divorce is what Cutter & Lax can provide.

Locations Serviced for Navy & Marine Divorces and Family Law

There are a myriad of issues and questions we know you have regarding your divorce. We are here to assist you in handling this difficult period of your life by providing you with a free consultation to answer any of your questions. Cutter & Assoiciates is aware of just how stressful this particular issue in your life is, and we are here to make it as simple for you as possible. Trust us at Cutter & Lax to rapidly and swiftly handle your case to a successful conclusion. Leave all the paperwork to us, you only need to provide our attorney with answers to our questions and we will ensure your divorce procedures are quickly taken care of. We will present you with all of your options and rights in your family law matter, so that your final outcome is to your satisfaction. Please contact us to obtain highly qualified legal representation. Below are the various bases where we can assist our Navy & Marine Corp personnel in handling their family law situation.

  • Camp Pendleton
  • MC Recruit Depot, San Diego
  • China Lake Naval Weapons Center
  • Lemoore Naval Air Station
  • Twentynine Palms
  • North Island NAS
  • Naval Post Graduate School
  • Miramar
  • Port Hueneme
  • Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC)
  • Port Mugu Pacific Missile Test Center
  • MC Logistics Base, Barstow
  • MC Quantico

Contact a Navy-Marine Corp divorce attorney at Cutter & Lax if you are in need of a divorce matter.

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