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In the armed services and facing a custody battle?

Numerous studies have proven that children that have invovlment from both parents flourish. Being proactive in your child's life can be incredibly rewarding to both parent and child. Unfortunately, military divorces can pose specific situations that may make it difficult for families to stay together. Time apart on deployments, overseas stations and other factors can drive a wedge in a family structure. If you are currently going through a divorce proceeding with children involved, it is important that you work with an attorney. Custody, visitation and paternity are important deciding factors in any divorce case and the attorneys at Cutter & Lax can help settle any complications.

Who has custody?

Determining custody in a divorce can depend on a few deciding factors. Usually, the more "fit" parent is granted legal custody and the non-custodial parent can be granted physical custody. Legal custody bestows living, education choices, medical choices and religious decisions upon one sole parent and the non-custodial parent may receive visitation rights but be forced to pay child support. Physical custody is based on visitation and may be granted or taken away based on the child's well-being. Determining factors can include the parent's jobs, criminal history and stability based on location.


It is important for a parent to establish paternity for a number of reasons. If a father is not recognized on a birth certificate, the father has no legal rights to the child, including child support. For mothers, it is imperative that you name your child's father on a legal document in order to gain support for your child. Fathers, if you do not name yourself as the biological father, you will have no rights (including visitation) to your child's upbringing. A paternity test can be easily done by an abiding parent, but if need be, a lawyer can help you serve a paternity test to your child's father.

Work with a Board Certified Family Law Specialist

If you are looking to retain custody of your child, it is important that you work with Cutter & Lax. At our firm, we understand that this time in your life can be emotionally charged and filled with confusion and hurt. When you work with our firm, we will approach your case with an individualized strategy and provide outstanding legal counsel for your particular situation. We serve families throughout Southern California and can help your family as well. Contact our offices today to speak with an attorney and to schedule a free case evaluation.

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